Discover New Possibilities for Your CRM

Implement. Customize. Automate.

There is no single solution that works for every business. Each company needs a different set of tools to operate in an effective manner.
At Tech Gravel, we understand this completely. We have expertise as well as experience in integrating necessary tools for different types of customers.
Our mission is to tailor and extend your system’s functionalities and make sure that your CRM organization is customized to suit your business’ needs.

Don’t lose your website traffic.

Use powerful tools to automate your lead generation process. Track where your most qualified leads are coming from and distribute them to the right sales teams to make the most out of your business. Start monitoring what makes your most valuable customers convert and optimize your marketing efforts. Automate your mundane tasks and say goodbye to spreadsheets!

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Easier way to collect payments and e-sign applications or orders

Give your customers a streamlined experience of submitting applications/orders online. Implement a simplified e-singing process with a robust and advanced online payment solution. Make it a fully automated process that your sales reps can start with just one click. Sign application and orders easier than ever!

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