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Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release Date

The latest Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release is here. Well, almost here. Depending on the instance your Salesforce is located on, it might have been already upgraded to Winter ‘21 or not. The release dates for Winter ‘21 Release are September 18th, October 10th & 17th. To check when each instance gets the latest features, you can go to Salesforce Trust. And if you aren’t sure which instance your organization is on, just go to Company Information within Setup.

But even if your Salesforce organization is still enjoying the Summer season, the Sandbox Preview has been going on since September 11th. That’s how I’ve managed to test some of the new enhancements coming to Sales Cloud.

If Salesforce Automation is your thing, I strongly recommend our article on the new features in the Lightning Flow - there are a lot!

Now that we’ve established that the Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release is basically here, let’s take a look at what exactly the Salesforce Team has prepared for us this time. As always, there is some pretty exciting stuff really worth checking out.

Opportunity Change Highlights

Quickly review recent changes to your Opportunities’ amounts and dates. In the Opportunities list view and Kanban view, arrows and different text colors tell you what kind of changes happened in the last 7 days.

This little change can really help when managing multiple deals. With just one glance you know if a deal needs your attention. This kind of detail can really boost productivity for Sales Cloud users.

See the Release Notes

Enterprise Territory Management

You can now manually assign a territory while creating an opportunity. Previously, this could be achieved only after the records were created.

See the Release Notes

Mobile Forecasting for Android

You no longer need an iOS device to view mobile forecasting. With the Salesforce Winter ‘21 Release mobile forecasting becomes available for Android devices.

See the Release Notes

Integrate Microsoft Teams with Salesforce

Is your company using Microsoft Teams? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there is some neat functionality coming to Teams. You can now mention Salesforce records in Teams’ Channels and Chats.

Quickly reference relevant information you want to share with your teammates by including a preview of a record eliminating the need to switch applications.

See the Release Notes

High Velocity Sales - New Features in the Winter ‘21 Release

Einstein Call Coaching gets new insights to further help managers with analyzing calls. Users can now access two new types of automatic insights: trending terms and challenges.

Trending terms are recent words or phrases that have been appearing during calls but aren’t covered by existing insights. The newly emerged topics are automatically compared to previous weeks.

Call Coaching can also identify certain moments of resistance. They are called Challenges and include the usual obstacles that sales reps face when talking to clients, such as price, additional approval etc.

See the Release Notes

There are also some minor enhancements to the Call Audio Player. Users can now easily access customer records by clicking their names, change the playback speed and display keywords.

This feature is available to sales managers with the Call Coaching user permission set.

See the Release Notes

Oh, and you can share voice calls now. A small , but very needed feature.


As always, Salesforce brings a little bit of something for everyone in the new Winter ‘21 Release. Just remember that a proper adoption strategy is vital for your users to fully understand and utilize all the enhancement coming to the Sales Cloud.

Click here for the full documentation on the Salesforce Winter’21 Release.