Salesforce Spring ’21 Release - New Features for Marketers

Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release

We know what’s new for Sales Cloud. Now, let’s take a look at the marketing enhancements that are coming to Salesforce in the latest Spring ‘21 Release.

These features are mostly part of Marketing Cloud, but not all of them.

Loyalty Management

Ok, we’ve already seen this one in a previous article highlighting core sales enhancements. But this is a new functionality that both sales and marketing teams can leverage to better connect with clients. Loyalty Management is a brand new Salesforce product that enables you to create personalized loyalty programs. You get analytics, advertising features, and a unified view of your customer data in one robust platform. Also it's designed to work for both B2B and B2B businesses.

See the official documentation.

Interaction Studio: Real Time Segment Triggers for Journey Builder

Real time personalization comes to Journey Builder. With this new feature you can segment your audience based on their behavior, to send them on personalized paths. With the help of Interaction Studio’s affinity modeling you gain a full understanding of each customer to bring them the best possible experience.

Here’s a nice use case of Journey Builder, and how its functionality can be leveraged for your marketing campaign.

Here’s a demo.

Sandbox for Datorama

Test setup configuration and data changes in an isolated development environment that is always in sync with production. This is a great feature that gives marketers ability to freely experiment with data, to figure out new ways to engage audiences. With a sandbox for Datorama you don’t need to worry about breaking any of your dashboards or data streams for live users. You can roll out the changes once they have been tested out. This might be one of the most important features in the Spring ‘21 Release for marketers.

Here’s a detailed description of this feature.

Datorama Media Planning Center

Another useful tool for Datorama users. Media Planning Center helps you optimize your media budget allocations with advanced analytics.

Click here to see a demo.

Advertising Studio Integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences Enhancements

An enhancement to LinkedIn account targeting. Now, you can combine company, job title, and location information to reach buyers within target accounts.

See the official documentation.

Pardot: Cross Business Unit Lead and Contacts

Use this feature to sync prospects from different Pardot business units to a single lead or contact in Salesforce. This functionality is only available for Pardot Advanced and Premium editions.

Here’s the official documentation.

Pardot: Campaign Cloning

A great improvement to boost productivity! You can now clone forms, form handlers, landing pages and links related to a campaign when cloning a campaign.

Watch demo here.


As always, we’ve got lots of exciting new features across different Salesforce products. To see the full documentation on the Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release click here.