Process Builder: Change Lead Status Automatically

Listen to Bart's explanation and learn how to set up an automation in Process Builder to automatically change Lead Status based on task activity.


“This process in Sales Cloud will help your sales teams save time they spend on updating the Status of the Lead object during the Lead conversion process. Not only save time but also give your managers better quality of data in their reports and dashboards.

Why better quality of data? Well, if a Sales rep is manually updating the Lead status change, it’s more likely that during the busy workday they will forget to do it.

They finish talking with the lead and they have to update the record, and at the same time the phone’s ringing, email is being sent, a colleague is asking for help, or any other distraction might be happening. Or it’s just a new hire, they simply are not trained enough yet.

This without a doubt will cost the reports not showing the real situation on how many leads are being worked on and so on.

In cases like this, and especially when we’re talking about changing the Status from “New” to “Working”, it’s worth considering automating the Status change.

All companies and sales processes have different requirements.

In this example, this is a business request I was working on recently, which was to create a process that will automatically change the lead status from “New” to “Working” based on activity.

So, if there is a task “Call Completed” we want the system to move the path to the next step automatically.

Let me show you how this could be accomplished.

So let’s get to it. Here I am in the demo org and we’re going to create a new process.

Let’s name it “Lead Status Change New to Working - Activity Completed”.

Whatever the description you’d like to put it here.

And we want this to run whenever a record changes. Even though we’re updating the lead object we want this process to run on the Task object.

Here we want to pick whenever the task is created or edited. And the reason for this is that the task will be in an open status first, so e.g. the sales rep is planning the first follow up next week. We do not want this process to run when a task is created, but when it’s actually completed.

After saving the record, we need to add the criteria, so a good question we could ask may be “Is the task closed and related to a Lead?”. Next, we have to set up our conditions, so we can go to the first condition and set the task status to “Completed”.

Or we could use “Is the task closed?”. This is a boolean field so this would have to be True.

The other thing we’d like to consider is that Task is a very specific object. We could have Tasks in Cases, Leads, Account, or another object. So it’s worth considering to inspect the object’s key prefix.

In this case, I’m going to keep it at simple as possible and I’m going to go straight to immediate actions.

For the immediate actions we want to “Update Records”. Let’s name it “Change Lead Status” and we want to select a record related to the Task, we want to look for the Lead.

For the criteria… let’s think about it.

We only want this process to change the status if the lead was previously in New, we don’t want to change it when the sales rep is further down the road. We only want to change this first time when the status changes from “New” to “Working”.

So that means we need to pick a condition here so the process fires only if the Status is “New”. And we want to update the Status to “Working”.

OK, let’s save, activate and test it.

Let’s go to the test lead. We have a test lead here in the “New” stage. Let’s log in an activity: it’s going to be “test”, and save it.

It changed the status, so it means it worked.

And that’s it. A very simple process to update the Lead Status based on the Activity.”