New Sales Cloud Features in Spring ‘20 Release


There’s a lot of new features in the upcoming Spring ‘20 Release that are going to boost your sales reps’ productivity and give them functionality to communicate with clients even more efficiently.

As always, the new release contains a broad range of enhancements, so here are some outtakes from the Spring ‘20 Release Notes that are going to improve your experience with the Sales Cloud.

If your prefer to watch rather than read, here's a video version of this article prepared by Bart:

Fast Editing Cards

Managing your calendar becomes much faster in the new release. You don’t need to click an event on your calendar to see its details anymore. Now, all you need to do is hover your cursor over the event to view the details.

You also have the option to edit or delete the records straight from the preview box.

Release Notes

fast editing cards in salesforce

Share Work More Efficiently with Queues

Salesforce introduces a new way to assign tasks to users - queues. Instead of relying on one rep to do all the work, sales reps can share their workload with all members of the queue. No need to wait until the task is reassigned. Reps can just hop in and get the job done.

A piece of advice for all the sales reps out there - it’s best practice to change the assignee to yourself to get credit and then mark the task as completed!

Note: To use queues you must first create them in Setup. Use the process builder to auto-assign queues to tasks.

Release Notes

Email Threading

One of the new features in Spring Release ‘20 is Email Threading. It means that related emails are grouped into a single thread on the activity timeline. This new way of viewing email communication allows sales reps to see emails in context.

Note: Only emails sent after the Spring ‘20 is activated will be threaded. The change won’t apply to emails sent before that.

Release Notes

email threading in salesforce

AI for Everyone - Einstein Opportunity Scoring Available at No Extra Cost

Yup, that’s right. Starting April, this change will be applied to Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions of Salesforce.

If you don’t know what Opportunity Scoring is, it’s an AI-powered opportunity scoring system that assigns each opportunity a score, from 1 to 99, and lists positives and negatives that influence that score. Einstein Opportunity Scoring helps sales reps prioritize which opportunities are the most worth chasing after.

Opportunity Scoring work the better the more and clean your data is.

If you aren’t sure if your organization is ready for Opportunity Scoring, be sure to visit

Note: Einstein Opportunity Scoring feature will be initially available for production only.

Release Notes

Clone Opportunities or Campaigns with Related Records

Spring ‘20 enables users to clone Opportunities and Campaigns with their related records. This means that you no longer need to manually duplicate all the information from related records when creating a new opportunity. The “Clone with Related” action will take care of this for you.

Remember to add the Clone with Related action to your page layouts!

Note: When you clone a campaign, all member status are duplicated as well.

Release Notes

clone with related record in salesforce

Attach Spreadsheets to Report Subscriptions

When you subscribe to a report, you get the option to receive formatted spreadsheets attached to your subscription emails. The row limit for them is 2000.

Note: This is a closed beta function, contact Salesforce support to turn this feature on.

Release Notes

New Features in High Velocity Sales

For folks using the High Velocity addon, there are some new features coming to the Cadence Builder in the Spring ‘20 Release. They include:

  • Customizing outreach based on email engagement.
  • Sending template-based emails automatically,
  • Previewing linked sales cadences.
  • Viewing call result grouping when building sales cadences.

There are also some additional features, such the Skip Weekends setting that causes sales cadences to assign tasks to sales reps on weekdays only.

Release Notes

Empty Org Recycle Bin

This is not exactly exclusive to Sales Cloud, but it’s such a cool and handy feature that I'm going to mention it anyway.

Just one click. That’s all you’re gonna need to empty your recycle bin from now on. Previously, deleting all items had to be done by switching to Salesforce Classic or you could delete records individually.

It’s great news hearing that this feature is finally coming to the Lightning Experience.

Release Notes

There are still many other exciting new features coming to Salesforce in the latest release, such as:

  • Connecting Salesforce to Microsoft Exchange Endpoint,
  • Better Gmail Integration,
  • Email Scheduling and so on,..

Read the full list in Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release Notes.

The Spring ’20 Release will be globally available on February 17, 2020.

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