Learn Salesforce with Trailhead

What is Trailhead

Trailhead is Salesforce’s e-learning platform. It includes lessons on all topics, divided into biteable pieces - modules and units, to keep the learning experience engaging. Each user gets access to a free edition of Salesforce, called Playground. You can use it to complete Trailhead’s challenges and projects.Trailhead is gamified, which means that you get points for any kind of activity you do on Trailhead. Badges illustrate your progress and keep you focused on your goals.To find your way among many different lessons you can use Trails - guided learning paths. If you are looking to learn how to be a Salesforce Administrator, you can just follow the appropriate Trail.Trailhead is designed for all people who are trying to learn Salesforce. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Salesforce user, or a newcomer who has never used Salesforce before. There are Trailhead lessons for all levels of proficiency.

Trailhead Academy

Trailhead units are great at describing specific topics and teaching you how to use Salesforce features. But it’s nice to have a more in-person learning experience once in a while.That’s what the Trailhead Academy is for. It provides virtual and in-person learning with real Salesforce experts around the world. If you feel like you need help understanding a topic, you can enroll in one of the classes. Most of them are available for an additional fee.

Trailhead Live

If you are looking for more content created by Salesforce experts, check Trailhead Live. It’s a free platform where you can find live and on-demand videos covering different topics across all Salesforce products.Check the scheduled broadcasts https://trailhead.salesforce.com/live/schedule to watch live sessions. Or find what interests you among the available online videos that you can filter by role, level, or product.

Trailhead GO

Don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to learn Salesforce? No worries. For those who are constantly on the road, there is a mobile version of Trailhead.Trailhead GO lets you access a huge library of content to help you expand your skills. As you learn, you can test your knowledge with quizzes and earn badges.Trailhead GO is available for iOS and Android.


Create custom educational content for your company with myTrailhead. Give your employees the same Trailhead experience, but with your own lessons, and branded.You can use Salesforce’s analytics to see how your users are performing. You can also guide them with automation tools, e.g. schedule chatter messages to remind them about the lessons they should complete.The recommended learning component helps employees to understand what they need to learn to better work with their tools, e.g. you can display recommended units on the Opportunity record page.Because myTrailhead seamlessly integrates with Salesforce products, all the information stays in one place. With the unified view of all data, you can easily keep track of your employees’ progress.

In-App Learning with Trailhead

The latest feature that came to Salesforce in Spring ‘21 Release. With “In-App Learning with Trailhead”, you can make Trailhead learning available straight in Salesforce. Users can access the lessons by clicking an icon next to their avatar.Admins can customize the learning panel to include selected public, or myTrailhead modules.By enabling “In-App Learning with Trailhead”, users can read modules, take quizzes, and earn badges in their flow of work. This is a great way to boost productivity, and the accessibility of this feature really improves people’s motivation to learn.

Maintain Your Certifications

Aside from Trails and Modules that help you prepare for Salesforce Certifications, there’s another key functionality of Trailhead. After passing your exam, you will have to pass Trailhead challenges to maintain your certifications.To learn more about maintaining your Salesforce certifications, check our Guide to Administration Certification.Also, Trailhead offers Superbadges. They are basically projects that test your skills and knowledge on different areas of Salesforce. Use them to verify that you are ready to go for a Certificate.


Trailhead is an amazing platform that all Salesforce users should use to expand their knowledge. No matter how advanced you are, there are modules for everyone. And in the ever-changing world of technology, there’s no other way to keep up but to learn.Of course, don’t forget to check out our articles about Salesforce. The examples and tutorials on our blog should help you understand a lot of topics you will tackle in Trailhead.