Connect your Iphone to a Saramonic Receiver - LC-C35  - TRS to Lightning Cable

How to Connect your iphone with the Seramonic Vmiclink5 Sytstem Wireless Microphone Receiver and Transmitter so you can still have the mobility and freedom to record from iPhone on the Go without loosing sound quality.

Its Easy! get the LC-C35  - TRS to Lightning Cable Featured on this page. Why would you connect your iphone to a Saramonic Receiver? Most likely you are a content creator that is looking into a solution on how to create your own mobile studio. That way you can record professionally, set it up quickly and   Basically the idea is to capture the best quality sound while still recording conveniently from your  iPhone. Even if you are standing a few feet away or  If you're interviewing somebody . 

The solution is here.. Its called LC-C35 TRS to Lightning Cable, Saramonic Locking 3.5mm  or its called Male TRS Connector to Lightning Output Cable for Saramonic Microphones:

LC-C35 TRS to Lightning Cable

I am using the Vmiclink5 System Transmitter  so this works together Great and the recorded sound is passed to the Receiver and my iphone App.  This is all pretty much - plug and play .  so you just stick the cable in the receiver connected with the iphone and this should work just fine.